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Size: 180 x 93 h:78 cm

Wooden Material: recycle oak wood 

Weight: 66 kg

Color of the wood: Natural color of the wood has been used.


It should not come into contact with high heat.

It can be useful for outdoors.

Our wood does not crack or split when exposed to sunlight outdoors. However, there may be light-dark transitions in its colors. To prevent this, it is recommended to use it under an umbrella or tarpaulin.

Cleaning should be done with a damp cloth and chemical cleaning materials should not be used.

Note: These situations are not covered by warranty. However, it can be maintained for a fee and brought back to its original state.

For Every Product...

Since each wood texture is different from each other, each product is unique in the world.

Special manufacturing is made according to different size.

Products can be customized.

It goes through more than 20 stages.

It is produced by handworking.

Cause of it is special production and handcrafted, there are no exchanges or returns.

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