Everything Started With That One Magical Word: Respect

Privigiled and distinguished… As usual. Since 1992. 

We Start to Road With Sense of Respect.
Respect for nature, people, wood, experience and labor are the most important factor that makes us who we are. With this respectful approach, we have included nature- specific designs into our living spaces and we supported our design decisions with our sustainable recycle products.

Passion For Recycling and Ultimate User Confort.
Years ago, We met with recycle product when we were abroad for researching product. They seem unique. Their intense stance was magneficent despite their deep texture and worness beneath their unique appearance. Both their images and their life experience and their ability to be reused without discarded definitely deserved respect. These sustainable products have become amazing with the lifestyle we imagined. We targeted the high level of user confort with our choice of natural materials. That living is a serious act!

Century –Old Trees Have Something to Tell.
We aimed to export product. Therefore, we started to search to find the material in our country. During our business trips to Anatolia, we become aware of the existence of old wood houses and similar build, just as we saw abroad. But material of these houses which we considered have a great value were burned in furnaces as firewood. This is something we do not desire at all because, as with everything, life experiences deserve respect. Recycle woods burned in furnaces come to life again with the design decisions of our architects. Exoteak says: century -old trees have something to tell.

We Worked with Handicraft
While processing recycle woods, we worked completely by hand in order not to damage them and to protect all details. Even the smallest pieces of wood is the precious and indispensable for us.

Each of Our Products is Unique and One of a Kind
We are constantly striving to make most appropriate and impressive design according to the characteristic of the products with its unique features and unique texture created by nature, as if making a puzzles. As a result, the fact that no texture is alike makes our products individual and unique.